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Cockroach Control Bangalore

The treatment is designed with an integrated approach of sanitation, proofing measures and application of chemical pesticides. Assessment report on sanitation and hygiene condition in the facility to prevent cockroaches from breeding and harborage shall be submitted. Proofing measures to seal all cracks and holes to prevent cockroaches from harborage and breeding shall be recommended. Pesticides shall be applied depending upon status of area. In dry areas, gel bait shall be applied at cracks, gaps, electric switches, lockers, stores, cupboards, electric appliances like refrigerator, coffee machine, racks etc. In wet areas like drains, manholes, toilets, washing room etc. chemical pesticides shall be sprayed. Cockroach monitoring traps shall be placed at strategic places to keep a track of cockroach population. This Cockroach Managementis very effective and easy.

Cockroach Management Benefits :

  • Cost effective
  • Require low maintenance
  • Hassle free and Safe
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